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Designated as top 1,000+ Global Leading Enterprise

Registered a Korean patent for 'High-frequency skin care device tips capable of consistent RF energy emission'

Registered a Korean patent for 'Method of skin approval using high-frequency pulses for cosmetic improvement of the skin and skin care device applying the same techonolgy'

Registered a Korean patent for 'Handpiece for relieving pain and swelling of the skin of the face'

Registered a Korean patent for 'Handpiece capable of controlling the focusing depth of high-intensity focused ultrasound'

VIRTUE RF be selected as a World-Class Product

Designated as a Global IP Star company

KMETA Global Digital Excellence Award (VIRTUE RF)

Registered a Korean patent for 'Handpiece for non-invasive ultrasound procedures'

$20 Million US dollar Export Tower Award

DACORE Medical Device Manufacturing Certification for Korea


Acquired a patent for a handpiece with a cooling device

Capital increased from 250 million won to 300 million won

Acquired FDA approval for AF laser

Received Korea’s top brand award for beauty and medical devices

Received the Excellence Award at the Innovative Technology Show in Korea

Acquired AF laser MFDS

Received the Minister Award from the Ministry of SMEs and Startups


<a href='/eng/about/history.php?ptype=view&idx=124&page=1&code=history_eng'>2021</a>

Received the Minister of Health

Received Exemplary Taxpayer Award: Prime Minister Award

Obtained approval for use of Virtue RF MFDS and commenced the official domestic launch

Won the 10 Million Dollar Export Tower Award


<a href='/eng/about/history.php?ptype=view&idx=123&page=1&code=history_eng'>2020</a>

Virtue RF Development

Obtained KFDA approval for Thread Shape CE

Obtained U.S. FDA approval for Virtue RF

Obtained U.S. FDA approval for PlaDuo

PlaDuo has been described as a next-generation world-class product

Acquired KFDA approval for Nemesis Alpha CE

Appointed as a member of the RF Advisory Committee for Korea Community College Education Council Policy

Acquired a Japanese patent for SOMA

RET high-frequency massager with suctioning function

Acquired US patent for SOMA: Multi-filter method

Skincare device with a housing

Shenb’s capital increased from 100 million won to 170 million won


<a href='/eng/about/history.php?ptype=view&idx=122&page=1&code=history_eng'>2019</a>

Launched SOMA broadcast at Home & Shopping



Shenb’s 20th anniversary

Won the 7 million dollar Export Tower Award


<a href='/eng/about/history.php?ptype=view&idx=121&page=1&code=history_eng'>2018</a>

Received the Global Consumer Satisfaction Award

Completed the development of the touch version of SOMA

Launched SOMA broadcast at CJ Home Shopping

Launched SOMA broadcast at Public Home Shopping

Designated as a female company, won the Hi Seoul PR Grand and Excellence Awards.

Designated as a global small giant

Acquired KFDA approval for PLADUO, and launched PLADUO officially


<a href='/eng/about/history.php?ptype=view&idx=120&page=1&code=history_eng'>2017</a>

Launched Selkit, a beauty device brand

Launched body care equipment SOMA (A2)

Received a Presidential Citation at Technology Innovation Competition

Won the 3 million dollar Export Tower Award


<a href='/eng/about/history.php?ptype=view&idx=119&page=1&code=history_eng'>2016</a>

Obtained US FDA approval for VIVACE

Developed and launched a new product (Shemax)

Developed beauty devices for the body (A2)

Received a Presidential Citation at Technology Innovation Competition

Won the 3 million dollar Export Tower Award


<a href='/eng/about/history.php?ptype=view&idx=118&page=1&code=history_eng'>2015</a>

Won the Minister of Health and Welfare Award


<a href='/eng/about/history.php?ptype=view&idx=117&page=1&code=history_eng'>2014</a>

Construction and relocation of Shenb head office

Changed the company name to “SHE&B Co., Ltd.”

Re-changed the company name to “Shenb Co., Ltd.” in September

Patented a dynamic probe-type hyperhidrosis treatment device

Established a company-affiliated research institute, won the million dollar Export Tower Award

Received a citation from the Mayor of Seoul


<a href='/eng/about/history.php?ptype=view&idx=116&page=1&code=history_eng'>2013</a>

Launched home care beauty device (Lumi & Luxu)

Obtained Lumi design patent, registered as a venture company


<a href='/eng/about/history.php?ptype=view&idx=115&page=1&code=history_eng'>2012</a>

Vivache Certificate Acquired

Medical Device Manufacturing and Quality Control Conformity Certification (GMP)

Replacement, Cleanroom (GMP) facility


Selected as an export business

Selected as NEW EXPORTER 300 (2010, 2011)


Certified as a research department (Korea Industrial Technology Association)

Acquired Technology Innovation SME Certification (INNO-BIZ)


Acquired CE certification (Nemisys) and ISO13485: 2003 certification


High-frequency suction with 1Mhz high frequency

POLA method high frequency

Successfully developed SILKPEEL


Established Seonghwan E&B Co., Ltd in January

Medical Device Manufacturing Conformity Certification GMP Authorization


Succeeded in developing Korea’s first crystal peeling machine and started exporting diamond peeling machines to the US, New Zealand, and Australia


Established Suwon University Venture Town, Jace Medical

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