About Us




Established in 1999, Shenb specializes in medical devices for developing skin beauty and in obesity management products focusing on high frequency and plasma technology. It has several patents and technologies to its name.

As an R&D-oriented company, approximately 30% of the members are involved in R&D, and they provide safe
and effective medical services through the numerous technologies and their clinical experiences.

Shenb is a trusted company worldwide that steadily improves based on better technology development.
Our goal is to make people around the world, pleasant, attractive, and healthy, and to represent Korea.



To develop highly reliable devices, approximately 30% of Shenb’s members are involved in R&D.

To ensure the company's competitiveness, we steadily discover new energy sources for further development. We have presented new possibilities using plasma technology, and we hope to continue introducing new technologies that apply new energy.

Endless Clinical research

Along with new product development, we analyze clinical effects and their characteristics through systematic clinical research.

By publishing various research articles based on the findings
in our research, we lead the field of energy-based devices and contribute to developing better products.

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