R&D 30%


Approximately 30% of Shenb’s members are assigned to the R&D department to reinforce the professional workforce and nurture talent.

Shenb’s technology research center pursues technology development and possesses knowledge for various skin care and obesity products focused on high-frequency technology, and exports various medical devices developed by itself to 64 countries around the world. We constantly strive to develop better products that our customers desire.

연구개발 투자 15%

R&D investment15%

As a driving force for growth, we are constantly investing
in R&D, analyzing market trends, and developing suitable technologies.

We are accelerating the development of new products
and technologies by continuously reinvesting about 15%
of our annual sales into the R&D.
We are striving to secure technologies and patents
through continuous R&D investment.

Key technology fields

Building over 24 years of technology development knowledge, Shenb possesses leading technology
for high frequency, plasma, and ultrasonic waves.

  • High Frequency

  • Plasma

  • Ultrasonic Waves

R&D center

Shenb's R&D center, composed of experts in various field, develops one or more new technologies and products every year.
We notice trends in the world and develop devices rapidly and accurately, benefitting the world.

  • Strategic Planning OfficeMarket analysis, product planning

  • Development
    Management CenterDevelopment Management Center

  • Software team

  • Hardware team

  • Apparatus Design Team

  • New product development

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