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Privacy policy

"ShenB" (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") strongly considers the customer's personal data important and complies with the regulations relating to the "IT Law & information protection". Our company uses personal data provided by customers through personal data business policies for certain purposes and methods, and we announce actions taken against your personal data. Our company will announce if there are any revisions to personal data business policies through notifications (or personal notifications).

This policy will be effective from 1 July 2022

List of Personal Data Collected

Our company collects personal data as below for registration of consultation and etc.
Data collected
Classification, Hospital name, Associate , Email, Contact, Product ,Title , Contents, Attachments, cookies.

How to collect personal data
Product Inquiry

Purpose of Data Collection & Use

Our company uses personal data collected for the following purposes
Contract Implementation & Cost Calculation According to Service Usage
Provision of content, purchase and payment of bills, shipping of goods or bills, self-verification services on financial transactions & financial services

Use of Marketing & Advertising
Submission of commercial information such as events, etc., statistics for understanding the frequency of access and use of services by users

Ownership & Use Period of Personal Data

Basically, after the purpose of collecting and using personal data is achieved, the information is immediately deleted. However, if it needs to be stored in accordance with relevant regulations & laws, the Company will store user information during the period stipulated by the relevant law, in the form of the following matters.
- Storage: Payment records
- Standard of Storage: Records of contracts or cancellation of agreements
- Retention period: 3 years
- Records of contracts and cancellation of agreements
- Notes regarding commodity bills and procurement: 5 years (Consumer Protection E-Commerce Act)
- Notes on complaints and consumer conflict resolution: 5 years (Consumer Protection E-Commerce Act)

Procedures & Methods for Removal of Personal Data

Basically, after the purpose of collecting and using personal data, the information is immediately deleted. The following are procedures and methods for deleting data.
Deleting Procedure
The information entered by the user will be deleted after being stored for a certain period according to the reasons for data protection (referring to the period of storage and use) that follows internal policies and other related laws by moving to a separate DB after the goal is reached (separate paper if paper) Personal data transferred to a separate DB will not be used for other targeted purposes if it does not comply with the Act.

Deleting Method
Personal data stored in electronic files will be deleted using a technical method whose records cannot be played back

Personal Data Provision

The company in principle does not provide personal data to the external user. However, it is not included in the following conditions.
- Has received prior approval from the users
- If there is a request from the investigating institution according to the procedures and methods set out by the Act for the purpose of investigation or related to the provisions of the Act

Storage of Collected Personal Data

Our company runs by entrusting personal data to external expert companies to run this service.
- Company services: Three Way Co., Ltd
- Deposit content: website and system management

Rights & Obligations of Information Subjects and Legal Guardians and How to Use It

The subject of information can exercise rights related to the protection of personal data at any time for the company as follows.
Customer Service Division : ShenB

1. Request for opening personal data
2. Request revision if there is an error
3. Request for deletion
4. Request termination
※ For children under the age of 14, the legal guardian has the authority to check or edit and authorize the cancellation of the collection and use of the child's personal data.

Installation, Operation and Rejection of the Automatic Personal Data Collection Tool

The company uses "cookies" that periodically store and know your information. Cookies are very small text files that are sent to your browser by the server used to run the company's website and stored on your computer's hard drive. The company uses cookies for the following purposes.
▶ Purpose of using cookies
Analysis of the amount of access and time of visit, understanding of user tastes and categories of interest and tracking of intentions, and provision of integrated services for marketing & individual targets through understanding the number of visits and participation rates for various events

Example: You have the right to choose the installation of cookies. Therefore, you can allow all cookies or by checking each cookie storage process, or you can reject all cookie storage by selecting the web browser option.

▶ Settings and methods for rejecting cookies
Example: As a method for rejecting cookie settings, you can allow all cookies or by checking each cookie's storage process, or can refuse all cookie storage by selecting the web browser option.

Example of how to set up (for IE): tools on the top side of the web browser> internet options> privacy

However, you will experience difficulties when using the service if you have denied the cookie installation.

Complaint Service related to Personal Data

Our company protects the customer's personal data and to resolve complaints related to personal data, we determine the department & person in charge of personal data as follows.
Customer Service Division : ShenB
Email :

Person in charge of personal data management : ShenB
Email :

You can use company services and report complaints regarding all personal data protection to responsible personal or division data responsible. The company will provide sufficient answers quickly to the subject of reports from users.
Please ask the following installation if you need reporting or consultation on misuse of other personal data.
1. Company Reporting Personal Data Abuse ( no. 118)
2. The Personal Data Labeling Committee (
3. Companies Investigating Crimes at the Attorney General's Office (
4. Cyber Terror Service Company Police (
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